The challenge – in 48 hours, can you prototype an idea with the potential to get the UK falling back in love with nature?


Join us in a Swarm on 24th and 25th February to help shape the first chapter of the Nature Intelligence Unit (NIU). Our intention is to harness the creative firepower of the UK to get us humans listening, noticing, watching, protecting and falling back in love with nature.


Because nature needs us for sure – 60 % of UK species are in decline – but also because we need nature. Without it we can't flourish as humans and we want to help people rediscover and awaken to the magic and potential of that. 


Designers of graphics, creators of things, coders, hackers, make-shit-happeners, animators, planners, producers, illustrators, copywriters, makers of internet apps and web things, we need you! You’ll be joining scientists, ecologists, conservationists, adventurists, farmers, storytellers and many others as we work together to build prototypes of possibility.

Why should your boss let you come? 

You’ll spend 48hrs working with the Swarm team, pioneers in creative collaboration and purposeful innovation. You’ll learn how to rapidly prototype, to bring ideas to life fast, to build ideas in an open, agile, networked way. You’ll experience how to collaborate with diverse stakeholders on a live challenge. Concepts with potential will go on to be funded. Oh and you're helping towards protecting the biosphere. You know the thing that supports human life on this planet.


All day on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th February. Plus a drinks evening on the 24th from 5pm, with talks from special guests.


The Proud Archivist in Haggerston, London.